RELOAD scientists present at 1st All Africa Post-Harvest Congress

All Africa Post-Harvest Congress & Exhibition took place from 28-31 march 2017 in Nairobi, with RELOAD team members from Kenyan universities presenting research on innovative processing and products to reduce losses in smallholder meat and dairy supply chains.

Dr. Catherine Kunyanga from the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology, University of Nairobi, acted as a member of the organizing committee. Along with her colleagues Josphat Gichurea, Pius Mathia and Jasper Imungi, they presented work on developing commercially feasible beef products that are based on indigenous knowledge and techniques used by pastoral communities in Northern Kenya, such as deep frying and solar drying.


Faith Ngundi Ndungi and Patrick Muliro, along with their colleague Abdul Faraj and with supervision of Prof. Joseph Matofari, all from the Department of Dairy, Food Science and Technology, Egerton University, presented options for replacing skim milk powder supplements that are commonly used in yogurt production with casein extracted from high-acidic milk which would normally be rejected. In a further contribution, they explored the influence of milk handling containers made from various materials on raw milk shelf life.


More information on the conference and the book of abstracts are available here