Inception workshop at Jimma, Ethiopia

Jimma CampusRELOAD’s first annual project workshop was held at the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Jimma University, Ethiopia, from 7 to 10 October 2013.

The project proposes to establish a development-oriented inter- and transdisciplinary African-German Research Network in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, to address reduction of post-harvest losses and enhancing value addition. The consortium comprises three German and six African universities, research institutions and private sector representatives, specifically small and medium enterprises (SME). RELOAD's integrated approach addresses the whole food value chain, including handling and processing at small-scale farmer level, transport, storage, processing, and market access.
The target groups are Eastern African scientific networks, administrations, SMEs, farmers and civil society actors. The simultaneous treatment of agricultural, technological, economic and social issues will facilitate efficient and sustainable improvement of the Eastern African food system.
Side meetings were held between Prof. Dr Oliver Hensel (RELOAD Project Director) and Jimma University management on how to further strengthen collaboration between the University of Kassel and Jimma University. Sixty participants from the four countries attended the workshop.