Newspaper Articles: “Seeds of Gold”

Photo_collaborative learning_ RELOAD PhD students from the dairy team of Egerton University, Kenya, wrote a series of five articles for farmers in the popular newspaper “Daily Nation”. These articles cover issues such as on-farm storage and processing, as well as options for keeping milk free from chemical residues and aflatoxins.


Wood smoke that gives long life and health to milk
By Norbert Wafula and Samuel Nato
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Four dairy products you can make at home
By Faith Ndungi, Samwel Nato and Olivier Kashongwe
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How to keep milk clean, fresh and marketable
By Olivier Kashongwe, Samwel Nato and Faith Ndungi
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Tips on keeping milk and feeds safe from aflatoxin
By Caroline Makau
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How to ensure milk is free of chemical residues
By Joy Deborah Orwa
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